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Coronavirus has turned our world upside down, collectively and individually. There are MANY challenges that we are facing. One challenge that seems to be pretty universal to families is the challenges of parenting while practicing social distancing or being in quarantine. Home school worries, to schedule or not to schedule, routines and trying to keep it together. Rachel Tuchman and I covered this and more in this incredibly validating and enlightening conversation! STAY HOME. WASH YOUR HANDS.

Parenting in Quarantine: Sanity, Scheduling and Schooling

It’s totally understandable if you feel like you are going corona stir crazy already. Many people are feeling an increased amount of anxiety for very good reason. Besides for all of the forced family togetherness in closed confined spaces, there are so many unknowns including medical and financial ramifications. In this #mentalhealthmonday (aired on March 16, 2020) Elisheva Liss unpacks the mental health and parenting concerns related to the current corona situation.

Mental Health & Parenting During Corona Craziness

An incredibly important topic! Please, if you are a parent, and skeptical about talking to your children about sex, please watch this all the way through. Elisheva Liss, LMFT, approaches this important topic with grace, dignity and a lot of spirituality. Please help your children learn about this before they are introduced to the topic by someone else. While Elisheva addresses the topic mostly from an Orthodox, Jewish perspective, it is highly relevant to everyone - from any community or religious affiliation.

The importance of Talking to Children about sex

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